​​During his Council tenure,  John repeatedly contributed thoughtful input that helped the body to make prudent fiscal decisions. His goal, as always, was to ensure the most cost-effective application of taxpayer dollars and resources.

One such council decision in which John's analyses provided valuable data was the decision not to approve the first convention center.  That project both held the potential to drain the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) fund and even cost taxpayers directly. In addition, it would have been built on state land, over which the city has no authority.

Today, however, we'll soon have a convention center with neither negative feature, as this project receives only Hotel Occupancy Tax funds generated onsite for a temporary period of time, and it is being constructed on land under City, not state, authority.

As your councilman, I pledge always to be responsive, read the

fine print, check the math and use my council experience

to maximize your tax dollars.

–John Ryan


All registered voters qualified to vote in District 4 in the City of Denton may vote for John Ryan during the following dates:

Monday, April 22 to Tuesday, April 20, 2019



ELECTION DAY: Saturday, May 4, 2019



As a small business owner, John understands dollars and cents. As a former city councilman, he also understands all aspects of our various city budgets, which are funded by the General Fund ($100 million) and Utilities ($900 million).

John also has proven his value as a unique asset at the Council table through his skill and speed in making complicated math calculations. Repeatedly, John both identified key data essential to wise fiscal decision-making and ferreted out potentially wasteful expenditures of citizen dollars. His unusual ability to analyze numbers provided great benefit to taxpayers during his prior council service—and will do so again.

2017 Denton City Council Election

To speak with John: (940) 206-7213

John brings valuable knowledge of the City developed during his service on the Denton City Council and on Council-appointed boards and commissions. This is important, because, after the May election, at least two Council seats will be filled by candidates with no prior Council experience. 

With a major reorganization of upper-level management, the retirement of an assistant city manager with nearly 20 years' tenure, and recent appointments of a new city manager, city attorney and auditor, all in early 2017, our upper-level city management has many new faces.

Reinventing the wheel, which often happens when faces are new, is costly in both wasteful expenditures and inefficient use of staff time. The institutional memory John can provide Council will help save taxpayers from unnecessary spending.

Also, citizens will benefit from John's long-term experience in construction, because he speaks the language of development.  John brings 20+ years of hands-on experience in the building industry, during which time he worked as both a project manager and a licensed electrician. As the City seeks to improve its development process—to benefit both homeowners undertaking remodel/repairs and builders constructing new projects—John's knowledge of this critical area will again prove invaluable.