John's Values 

  • Listen, Learn, Lead.
  • Integrity matters.
  • "Can do" is an attitude, not a question.
  • Service above self. 
  • Honesty is a given. 
  • Humility is a gift.  


Fiscal Analysis / Document Review

Check and double-check all fiscal data and continually look for ways to reduce the tax burden on hardworking Denton families.   

 Ensure all financial and debt management decisions are fiscally sound.

Ensure all ordinances and contracts are properly worded to avoid future                   problems, including unintended consequences.

Water Conservation

 Create incentives for reductions in water use by residents and businesses.

Revise the Code to promote water conservation:
- Modify building and landscape codes to better conserve water and avoid construction of large concrete retaining ponds.
- Increase use of permeable surfaces.             
- Explore use of plants, rather than concrete, to control creek-bank erosion.
- Allow and encourage more onsite use of gray water and retention-pond water in landscape maintenance.

Neighborhoods and Trees

Protect neighborhoods from inappropriate development and encourage creation 
of historic districts.

Address trees as infrastructure, not just parking lot and landscape ornaments.

Revise the Code to protect trees better. Give developers more options for working around existing trees (flexibility).


 Protect accessibility by District 4 residents during current and scheduled expansions of Fort Worth Dr. (SH 377), Teasley Lane (SH 2181), Bonnie Brae St. and Vintage Blvd. (SH 2499).

Improve long-range mobility planning.
- Better assess potential unintended consequences during planning stages.
- Think outside the box in design of streets and roadways.   

Development / Code

Support revision of Planning & Development to be user-friendly for everyone, including:
- Residents undertaking home and business remodels/add-ons.                                 
- Developers pursuing large construction projects.

Revise the Code for consistency. Resolve conflicting requirements.

 Maximize taxpayer benefit from construction projects by restructuring developer fees and requirements.

Review and revise construction codes to keep Denton unique, e.g., discourage cookie-cutter development.

Revise and expand reasonable use of grandfathering, especially re: small businesses.